Against unsecure employments!

EVER SINCE THE FIRST MANAGER HIRED THE FIRST WORKER, managers and workers have been fighting for how hard, for how long and with what tools we are expected to work. The powerstruggle in the workplace is about more than money and more than working conditions. It is about social democracy. About who exercises power over some of society's most important decisions: What to manufacture? How to manufacture it? And who benefits from our work?

We fight in the workplace to decide on these and similar decisions. We are fighting for workplace democracy!.
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Through SAC we negotiate directly with the school heads. When we sit down with those making the decisions we can more easily present solutions for the work at the youth centre, like fair pay and woking conditions.

— Eva Burreau, fritidspedagog
Organise at work

Workers ges divided in may ways: By occupations and branch, citizenship, gender, etnicity, age and form of employment. In SAC we say all workers have the same interests. That is why SAC is built up by local co-associations (LS) which organize all workers in the community.

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SAC's history is full of courageuos people fighting for new ideas. One of them is the world famous working author Moa Martinsson. Did you know that Elise Ottesen-Jensen (Ottar), Stig Dagerman, Eyvind Johnsson and Tage Danielsson also were syndicalists? In our web archive you find numerous images and documents from more than a hundred years of struggle.