For the workers’ common interests

SAC is the union that brings together all workers regardless of their profession. All workers want a good working environment without harassment, stress and health risks, as well as a salary that provides security and the opportunity to save money to make our dreams come true. Unfortunately, we still live in a class society. We sell our labor to employers who want to keep the pace of work high and and the wage as low as possible. Our interest is the opposite.

Arbetare inom städ och bygg i fackföreningen Stockholms LS av SAC.

If we can run our workplaces ourselves, our economy can become democratic, which is the requirement for a rapid transition to more sustainable production in the service of humanity and the planet. SAC has a long tradition of involvement in environmental issues because it is a natural part of the labor union struggle. The climate struggle is a continuation of that tradition.

SAC is a feminist labor union.
This is particularly evident in the way we organize workplaces. By working together, regardless of profession, and creating a safe environment with colleagues of different gender identities, sexual orientation, ethnic background or political opinion, we train ourselves and each other in respect and humility.

Arbetare sitter vid ett skrivbord på Göteborgs universitet

We try to build a community in our workplaces where workers stand up for each other. We fight for a healthy working environment, job security, higher wages and a better work-life balance. SAC offers training and tools to help us get one step closer to the goal of having our workplaces collectively run by those who do the work.

Labor union struggle
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