If you and your employer disagree in any matter, we can help you in your negotiations.

As an employee in Sweden your rights are strongly protected by the law. And the social insurance system provides a broad selection of advantages. Make sure that you benefit from your statutory rights. As a member of the trade union, Uppsala LS we will guide you through all the tricky regulations and help you out if you get into conflict with your employer.

If you happen to be an undocumented employee, don't be afraid to make contact with us. Your contact will be kept a secret and membership in Uppsala LS is anonymous if members so wish.

As a member of Uppsala LS you will automatically be a member in the nation wide trade union, SAC (The Central Organization of Sweden's Workers), so it follows that:

We are not obligated by the strike ban

The decision to take action against an employer is fully up to the members locally, and strike pay is fully covered for by the SAC strike fund.


You get help in your negotiations

A locally based committee specialised in employment issues provide you with negotiation help, for instance in pay negotiations.


Member democracy

SAC is governed by the principles of member democracy. We at the bottom of the organisation make the decisions. The local organisation (Uppsala LS) has the right of self-determination in local matters, i.e. your matters.

Become a member

For further information, please send an e-mail to: uppsala.ls@sac.se