About ZADS

Zalandoarbetares Driftsektion - ZADS is the local workplace union for anyone who work at Zalando's warehouse in Brunna. The section has over 100 members in the workplace and continues to grow.

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The background to the formation of ZADS.


It all started almost 2 years ago when a handful of the workers at the warehouse visited the Social Center Husby, which SAC is involved in running. After some initial meetings, it was decided pretty soon to start an operations section which was named Zalandoarbetares Driftsektion – ZADS.


The company responded at least as quickly by trying to fire two of the section's members as they deemed leading. But there the company shot itself in the foot for when ZADS contested the dismissal in a negotiation with 12 of the section members present, the company understood its mistake and quickly withdrew the dismissal, which resulted in the section's membership explosively increased and today the section organizes over 100 of workplace employees .


After countless negotiations regarding a poor working environment where the company consistently denied the section all concessions on the grounds that the section does not have a collective agreement, the decision was made to fight for a local collective agreement between the section and the company. Unexpectedly, this request was also denied, after which the section sent notice of industrial action with a view to signing collective agreements in accordance with the new strike law rules in LAS.


Statement from ZADS.


We come from all corners of the earth to seek a life of freedom without oppression and persecution. All we want is a safe workplace for ALL employees.

WE DON'T WANT ANY TROUBLE! We just want to do our jobs, without getting hurt and threatened, and be with friends and family in our spare time. But as long as management continue to harass us, lie to us, lie about us and refuse to respect us by disobeying our demands, they will force us to fight for our right to a good workplace where we can all feel safe.


The conflict concerns the poor working environment in the warehouse where many of us have long felt scared and harassed. Many of us have worn out shoulders and backs at work and most of us have no or little opportunity to rest during working hours.

Before, we were members of the Transport Union but never received any help from them. Therefore, we chose to start our own union where we who are members ourselves decide what we will fight for and how.

We are affiliated with the SAC Syndicalists to gain legal assistance, financial assistance in combat, and training in our rights with their support.

But it is we who work here who decide what and how we should do via democratic votes at member meetings.

We used to be scared at work. Fear of being fired. Fear of being harassed. Scared of our Areamangers and scared of our Team Leaders.


We are many and together we are strong!

 - The Board of the Zalandoarbetares Driftsektion, ZADS.

Together so far, ZADS has:

               • Defended 4 dismissals

               • Introduced 5-minute breaks

               • Fixed more toilets

               • Put a stop to harassment if you speak languages ​​other than Swedish or English


The goal for ZADS is that Zalando's warehouse in northern Stockholm should be a workplace where everyone can feel safe and proud to work!



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