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Frequently asked questions

What is the differens SAC and other unions?

SAC moves the initiative from payed representatives to the members themselves. This requiers that the members are active, take own initiatives and build job-branches in their workplaces.

What is a "job-branch"?

A driftsection is an syndicalist unionclub in the workplace where the members themselves are in charge.

Has SAC right to negotiate?

SAC can negotiate in all workplaces according to the law regarless if SAC has signed collektiveagreements or not.

What is a collecive agreement?

A collecitve agreement is a contract between the employer and the employed that is agreed upon between the big unions and the companies representatives. It gives every worker in the branches the contract is written for a minimum amount of rights. Due to this contract the big unions agree not to strike during the time the contracttime. This is in Sweden called peacecommitment.

Are members in SAC covered by the collektive agreements?

Where SAC is in minority in the workplaces members are covered by the collective agreement, but not by peacecommitment.


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