Template for email to Zalando

Do you want to email Zalando and Ingram micro to show that you care about the workers' work environment? Feel free to use this template and send it to sylvain.monneyron@ingrammicro.com, - CEO of the warehouse and to anne.vibe.hansen@zalando.dk, - Swedish spokesperson for Zalando.

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Dear Mr Monneyron.

Dear Mrs Hansen.

I am one of many who is worried about the news I hear from your warehouse in Brunna in Sweden, north of Stockholm.


I hear about employees with worn backs, shoulders and knees who have no chance of sitting down during working hours without risking payroll deductions. I hear about parents of young children who cannot be reached by preschool and relatives during the working day when they are refused to bring their mobile phone into the warehouse. I hear about employees who fainted during working hours due to stress in combination with heavy work steps. I hear about harassment by union members, by hired staff and by female employees. I have even heard of several female employees who have had pre-involuntarily terminated pregnancies due to the high work pace and that they are forced to work standing up almost all day.


Zalando's advertisement praises "Activists of Optimism" and writes "we celebrate people that stand for optimism (...). We're here for positive action. We are here to empower those who choose optimism and encourage everyone to join the movement. ”


The employees just want to do their jobs and hang out with friends and family in their spare time. But with the terrible working conditions they are forced to endure, they now choose to wage an active struggle for a better workplace. In my opinion, these employees are the real Activists of Optimism.


All they want is the right to appoint a safety representative and to be treated with respect and dignity. As a customer of Zalando, I take it for granted that the employees' demands for a collective bargening agreement are something obvious for you to fulfill!



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