Workers in Zalando's warehouse are fighting for better conditions!

Workers in Zalando's warehouse are fighting for better conditions!


Some in the section at Zalando talk about the conditions at the company in Expressen. The picture shows Idriss Mohamed, Haytham Abuamra, Tala Salama, Gaby Kass Elias, Foad Hamad, Saleh Said, Tushar Ahmed and Thomas Kiros. Photo: OLLE SPORRONG / EXPRESSEN / TT

In 2017, Zalando opened a warehouse in Brunna, in northern Stockholm. The warehouse is provided by Ingram Micro AB, which also employs workers to mainly pick and pack. There is the local trade union club Zalandoarbetare's Driftsektion (ZADS) which is now giving notice of industrial action with the intention of signing a collective agreement between ZADS and the employer.

ZADS demands:

    • Trade union meetings during working hours

    • To be allowed to appoint their own workplace representatives and safety representatives.

    • That no one should have to have conversations with their boss alone if they don’t want to.

    • That parents should be allowed to have a mobile phone so that relatives can reach them.

    • That workstations where the work is performed standing are provided with chairs.

    • To have a bulletin board for union information.


Tuesday, June 22 at At 12:02, the notice of industrial action entered into force (in accordance with MBL §45).



At the end of April, the Zalandoarbetares Driftsektion negotiated with Ingram Micro, which operates Zalando's warehouse, and demanded mobile phones for parents, more buses to work, reduced queues at admission, chairs at the workstations where the work is performed standing and a bulletin board.

The employer said no on all points, referring to the fact that ZADS does not have a collective agreement. Already on the same day, supervisors began harassing workers who participated in the negotiation. To ensure security in the workplace, the workers in Zalando's warehouse are now fighting for their own collective agreement.



What can I do?


               • Tell about the warehouse workers' situation on social media. Here are pictures that   you can use in connection with publishing. Short link to this page is


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·         Contact Zalando and ask them to take responsibility for ensuring that employees in their warehouse have a safe working environment. Email to - CEO of the warehouse and to - Swedish spokesperson for Zalando.

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