Information on the basic unemployment benefit

Basic compensation for unemployment

Information for anyone who is not a member of A-kassan and now become unemployed.
There is a basic insurance at unemployment that applies to everyone. Compensation from the basic insurance is paid with a maximum of SEK 365 per day.
In order to receive basic compensation, one must be a member of an A-kassa or the state ALFA-kassa.
The following conditions must also be met:



To be eligible for unemployment benefits, you must meet one work requirement and certain basic conditions.

The basic conditions mean that you must:

- be able to work and be able to work for at least three hours

every working day and an average of at least 17 hours a week

- be registered as unemployed and job seekers with the public

The employment services and otherwise are at the disposal of the labor market.

You should also draw up an action plan together with


Employment Service.

It is important that you yourself are active in applying for a job.

Every month, you must submit an activity report to the Employment Service

where you report what you have done to get you out of unemployment.


Requirements for work - Working conditions

The working condition means that you during the twelve-month period directly before

the entry of unemployment must have been gainful employment for six calendar months

with at least 80 hours of work each month. If you do not meet this,

it requires that you have worked at least 480 hours for one continuous period

period of six calendar months. At least 50 hours of work each month

required. You can fulfill the working condition through work as an employee or

with work in own company.