invitation from USI-Italy

USI och SAC är medlemmar i samordningen den  röd/svarta stjärnan

Dear comrades we are happy and proud to invite you to Rome to celebrate the 100 years since the birth of USI (Unione Sindacale Italiana) ,which was founded in 1912, uniting the Houses of the Revolutionary Work to build an independent and alternative union that fought to conquer the working day of 8 hours, to obtain higher wages and better working conditions. It was dismantled by fascism, which destroyed our labor rooms and imprisoned or killed most of the comrades. The sign was reactivated after the War and later in the 70’s. Its birth took place permanently in the middle of the 90’s.In our days USI has expanded into thirty provinces and in many parts of public and private employment providing an alternative to unionism. It is part of national and international networks.On June 9 in Rome USI will celebrate its 100 years of direct action at the Theatre Hall "Il Cantiere"- Via Gustavo Modena n°92 starting at 11 o’clock. There will be planned debates, screenings, exhibitions, food and music.The debate theme is: "Budgets and prospects of revolutionary syndicalism and self-management in Italy and in Europe."We hope to see our guests in Rome on June 9 and look forward to your prompt response.We reiterate our fraternal international solidarity.

Nair for International USI secretarial.