M31 - European Day of Action against Capitalism”

At an international meeting in the beginning of December in Frankfurt am Main, several left wing organisations and base unions from Austria, Germany, Greece, Poland and Spain decided an European wide day of action named “M31 - European Day of Action against Capitalism”, which protests against the authoritarian policy of the EU Commission, the ECB and IMF. The anticapitalist organisations wish to send a clear signal against efforts, mainly empowered by Germany, to improve Europe's competitive position on the capitalist world market on the backs of migrants and workers. The internationally coordinated day of action protests against nationalist propaganda targeting wage workers in South European countries and against the European Union's military bulkheading at its borders. Organizers of the international protest alternatively offer borderless self-organisation of those who are affected by austerity measurements and capitalist exploitation.

The international day of action in Spring 2012 preludes a forthcoming European coordination of left wing organisations and base unions including massive protests throughout 2012. It is also a call for other anti-authoritarian unions, groups and organisations to participate. There will be a central action in Frankfurt am Main on March 31, 2012, whereby the construction site of the European central bank is going to be occupied.
“[…]Spontaneous occupations of places intensify the crisis. Within short time, the economic crisis will turn into a political and last but not least a state crisis. The representative system as the totality of social organisations, which pervades everything - education, public service, political and unionist activities and so on - has been fatally hit. The people at the occupied plazas demand direct democracy, equal rights, solidarity and dignity. [...] The break has been carried out.“

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