Stöduttalande för de strejkande städerskorna i Grekland

SAC Syndikalisterna sends the following statement of support to the cleaning women #katharistries

Thank you for your persistance and stubbornness.
It’s of great importance to working people, everywhere.
Austerity messures, lay-offs and subcontracting are part of the capitalists attack on all working people.
You show us that how hopeless things may seem, giving up is not a possibility.
We want you to know, that you are of great inspiration to all of us.
We stand behind you, every minute of your struggle

We need to organize together to change things- to get the world we want, and a future for our kids.
To end this criminal system called capitalism
We need unions, run by us working people, not by professionals, in order to give the bosses and politicians resistance.

We are standing behind you in your struggle,
Our thougths are with you

In international solidarity,
For a world without bosses!

/SAC syndikalisternas international committee