For the climate revolution! Uttalande från rödsvarta koordinationen (English).

Den rödsvarta koordinationen är ett nätverk av syndikalistiska fackföreningar i Europa och förkortas ibland RBC, Red and Black Coordination. Tillsammans har medlemmar i RBC författat ett uttalande för klimatrevolution, aktion och självorganisering. Representanter från SAC:s internationella kommitté har deltagit. Texten är på engelska.

The trade union organizations that form the Red and Black Coordination declare us radically involved to face the climate change, dispossession and the human and non-human exploitation by the predatory capitalist system.

The collapse is already here and the youngness has perfectly understood that their future is now, so they demand that the climate emergency be decreed to alleviate the consequences of global warming and pollution.

From anarcho-syndicalism we know that in order for real and effective change to take place, it must shake the foundations of the capitalist system, because there will be no just transition, if it is not incompatible with the current economic and social model. Revolution or barbarism!

Anarcho-syndicalism must entail the social and union struggle for social transformation in all orders of life that do not privilege the care and sustainability of all lives and territories that inhabit them, because all lives deserve to be alive, not only those that place capital on the cusp of the social pyramid, so that the working class sacrifices their lives to sustain them.

That is why we join the mobilizations for the climate and we support the demonstration on December 6 in Madrid to demand Social Justice to governments gathered at the Climate Summit (COP25).

The future is now!
There will be no climate justice without social justice!


red and black coordination